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Buy thousands of brand name products at a fraction of their wholesale price. You'll save many thousands on high-ticket items like cars, and hundreds on TV's and other hot products. Every time you click on an item its price goes DOWN until someone buys it! Use the free "Credits" to view each items low, buy-now auction price.

Register free with Dubli today and get ready for the best on-line shopping experience of your life! You'll have loads of fun and save a bundle on the products you buy every day. We believe you are here because we are offering you free dubli credits and there is no cost to register. After you register, click on the "Free Credit" bottom at the bottom of this page and we will send you the free credits as promised. Once you become a customer, send your family and friend to and you will receive 3 free credits for each person you send to this web. Registration is free.

There are three Dubli auctions concepts:

DubLi has three different concept auctions that run at the same time with all new, top quality, name brand products being offered to the consumer. All the products have the manufacturer´s guarantee.

Millions of brand new, best-selling items are available through Dubli's ingenious auctions where the LOWEST BIDDER WINS . These items range from the most popular electronics such as

Apple Ipods Iphones, Sony PS3s VIOs to 24k gold bars, Louis Vuitton hand bags , $5,000 vacation packages to the Bahamas , BMWs and so much more.

It's a REVERSE Auction system. On other auctions, the more people that become interested in an item, the price goes up. Not on DubLi!
In fact, the more popular an item is, the lower the price falls!

There are 3 types of Auctions on


The price is hidden. It "costs" 1 DubLi Credit to see the price. Each time someone uses a credit to view the item's price, $0.25 is taken off of the item for the price! Someone can purchase the item at ANY time. There have been $5,000 gift certificates sold for less than $3,500 in the past couple of weeks!


Similar to the Xpress, the price goes down by $0.25 every time the price is viewed, however, the person who pushes the price from $0.25 to $0.00 wins the item for FREE! No joke.

Unique bid:

A timer begins on an item The lowest and most unique bid wins the item at the end of the expiration of the clock. Nobody can bid lower than you AND nobody can bid the same amount you did. It's your time to get creative! There have been INSANE steals on these items lately!

Alright, this is the most awesome auction system to hit the Internet PERIOD!

So you're asking, HOW DO I TRY IT OUT??

It's easy! Just shoot an e-mail to:

[email protected] with your first and last name, your email address, and you'll get some free DubLi credits to begin shopping!

DubLi...The World's First Global Trading Portal!


was launched October 4th in North America after a proven and resounding success in Europe. This is the very first truly VIRAL business opportunity I have seen in 20 years that really levels the playing field. In Europe there is an 85:1 customer to licensee ratio meaning that people are telling their friends and exploding the business without ever knowing that there is a business opportunity even available to them.

I suggest you drop everything and take a good look at DubLi. Do thorough due diligence on this and decide for yourself.

After only one week of looking DubLi up and down and sideways, and hearing the first impressions from people who take the time to look, I am convinced we are looking at what could certainly be the next Google or Ebay. Already DubLi is becoming the number one shopping search engine in Europe.

This may sound like hype to you, but I believe we will be capable of seeing 4, 5, or even 6 figure monthly incomes in the coming months as we ride the wave of its introduction to the masses here in the Americas. In the short time this company has been in operation in Europe, there are already 6 figure monthly income earners and there are ALREADY high 5 figure monthly earners here in the US and the company has not even launched yet in the US!

Nothing I have seen in my 20+ years of marketing compares with this company...the management, the timing, the trends, the concept, the income potential, the long term stability, the multiple streams of income, the viral nature of customer acquisition, and the historical success already demonstrated in Europe before the US and Latin American launch.

Note that since the launch has just started in North and Latin America, the focus is on leaders and potential leaders who understand the vision, the importance of timing and understand this is a real business which is treated as a real business will produce phenomenal rewards.

There are basically three ways to participate in DubLi:

1. Become a Free member

and enjoy getting new brand name products for 10-90% off. Three auctions to choose from with 8 million products available on what will become the largest integrated shopping search engine on the planet. You can get credits simply by telling others. In Europe on average every DubLi member tells 5 others.

2. Become a Licensee

As a licensee you may give away or sell DubLi credits at retail or at a discounted price. All customers referred by any other customers are linked to you to infinity. Customers are not normally aware of any business opportunity. They simply enjoy DubLi's services and refer others. Licensees may build an organization of other licensees and earn on their customers as well.

3. Become a Partner.

Any profit or non-profit organization can private label their own DubLi trading portal and receive 30% of the revenues. Your site is customized with your logos and colors. At the bottom of the page it will say 'Powered by DubLi'. Example: One licensee put together a drive in Europe that raised 3 million for the charity supported with the help of some radio stations. The licensee was able to earn 900K by putting it together. The charity paid nothing for their branded auction/trading portal site.

It is important to note that DubLi is a CUSTOMER DRIVEN model. The network marketing aspect is just the way is it is marketed initially. You do not have to pester everyone you know to join DubLi, you just need a few leaders in your group to get this started. The income we receive is mainly from the consumers not associated with the business, NOT our down line marketers. In fact, most of the consumers won't even know that there is a business associated with this as the customer base grows VIRALLY by word of month on a 5X multiplier effect historically. This is absolutely amazing how it works, and HAS been working in Europe since 2014. You are being introduced to this at the VERY best time here in North America!!

Dubli Highlights

* The World's First Global Trading Portal Revolutionizing the Means by which Goods are Distributed Worldwide.

* Already exploded in Europe with 1.2 Million German users alone participating in Dubli Auctions (this from only 14,000 Business Associates and six months of data).

* Revolutionary REVERSE Auction concept where the price is driven DOWN instead of up on NEW brand name products including new autos.

* Users pay .80 cents to view a price, 25 cents of which drives down the price. If they find value they buy. Next 'bidder' gets a lower price if user passes. 400 people viewing a price drives the price down $100.

* Viral expansion where the average user tells 5 friends because they are getting new brand name goods at a 10-100% discount.

* Worldwide business associates can come on board before their own country opens and start building a customer base in countries that are open.

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* Well capitalized company that owns ALL the products in auction to ensure proper delivery.

* 5 Year old company in development since founding in 2014.

* Launch in Germany in 2014 with only one auction and only one retail component. Now Europe has 3 Auctions. Launched all of European Union in July, 2014.

* Recently opened in the US, Canada, and South America on October 4th, 2014.

* Opening in China, Japan, and eventually all major countries in the world in the near future. Chinese government already engaged.

* Available now in English, German, Italian, French, German, and Danish. Will soon be in Chinese and Japanese when Asia opens.

* Aiming to go public on the London Stock Exchange in early 2014 (bringing their own money; they don't need the money)

* Options for investors to just invest if they wish to enjoy passive profits even before DubLi goes public.

Income Generation Highlights

* Novel and viral CUSTOMER DRIVEN business model never before seen and which will radically change the way products are procured worldwide.

* Most of the income comes from a virally expanding customer base. Building an organization just speeds up the virus.

* Huge multi-generational and infinity payouts that will make millionaires out of leaders with reasonably modest teams.

* Some Business Associates in Europe who began at the beginning of this year are already at high six figure monthly income levels.

* Five, Six, and Seven Figure Monthly Income Possible for Top Leaders possibly in less than two years.

* Earn major income helping charities, non-profits, and businesses set up their own branded auction sites and raise money for their cause.

* Earn building a team of Business Associates (Licensees).

* Earn as customer base grows virally on a 5X multiplier (customers who know nothing of the business refer minimum of 5 customers).

* Earn major income bringing in DubLi Partners who have their own branded auction.

* Earn by bringing businesses to DubLi Shopping Mall (next year in the US).

You and I are one of a just a few people in North and South America who have heard of this and we have the first mover advantage.

I expect this to be as big as or bigger than Ebay and you have a distinct first mover advantage before it launches in North and South America in October 2014.

There are people in Europe already doing monthly six and seven figures within months of becoming business associates. The revenue streams are several and lucrative.

The US launch of has created an unprecedented opportunity for individuals to develop a substantial, passive, recurring income in less than a year simply by acquiring a DubLi license with

This opportunity will not last long. Already, over three thousand individuals, charities, and partnerships have acquired licenses to receive an income from DubLi's American shoppers. Approximately 50,000 licensees will be in place by late 2014 who will receive passive incomes from millions of American DubLi shoppers.

This is a "Once-in-a-Lifeti
me" opportunity to be part of the next "eBay" by securing your piece of the US DubLi shopping market as early as possible. Your membership with and very little effort on your part, is all that is necessary to succeed. In less than a year you can be on your way to retirement.

Our team is very serious about this opportunity. If you are too, we invite you to join us.


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